Our Approach

A business is, at its core, a vessel for people and ideas. We help climate tech startups identify and develop organizational structure, operating practices, and habits that best position them to scale and succeed in a complex environment.

What determines success isn’t merely strategy or vision, it’s how people collaborate and interact in pursuit of a purpose. Simply put: some ways of working together are more effective and powerful than others. We guide you to solutions that best align the business’s operations with its purpose, building a perpetual capacity for adaptation and improvement. Some of our areas of focus are:

Team Chartering

Build teams with clarity of purpose, responsibility, decision authority, roles, and operating principles. Improve accountability, workflow, and adaptability.

Operating Rhythm

Use meeting structure, decision making techniques, and experimentation at a cadence that propels the business and builds a muscle for continuous improvement.


Create culture in which hiring, onboarding, learning, and everyday habits harmonize around the aim of enabling everyone to do their very best work.

For additional information about Malava’s services, or to learn about how we may be able to help your team reach the next level, please reach out to us on LinkedIn.